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Paediatric Osteopathy

Paediatric osteopathy includes:

– Osteopathic treatment of newborns.
– Osteopathic Approach to neurodevelopmental problems.
– Osteopathic Treatment of ear infections and sinusitis.

Many older children who have learning or behavioural difficulties have a history of trauma at birth or childhood head injuries that went unrepaired. Children who suffer from recurrent otitis media or nasal cavity infections often have a similar medical history.

Birth often leads to harmful structural changes. To travel through the birth canal, the infant’s head must be bent sharply backwards. This puts pressure on three nerves, the vagus, sublingual and lingual nerves, which can lead to colic and breastfeeding disorders often seen in newborns.

Pediatric osteopathy can to a large extent help in the above cases.

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